It is not a Wallpaper,


Unlike ordinary wallpaper, Walltech has a three-layered structure composed of functional film, a reinforced PVC compound, and the non-woven base material.
In addition to its antibacterial and mold prevention functions, you can easily wipe off stains, and it isn't easily damaged by small impacts, helping you keep your room feel clean.
The non-woven base material gives the wall a beautiful finish, and makes it easy to remodel.
Have you ever spilled a drink on a wall in your room on accident and created a stain, or bumped your furniture or a suitcase against the wall and damaged the wallpaper?
Walltech is a wall material that helps prevent such accidents.

Walltech'sadvanced technology

The Product's make solution for
  1. Tear-resistant surface
  2. Easy to wipe clean
  3. Beautiful finish
  4. Ease of renovation*

*Use a particular adhesive for non-woven wallpaper,
and this product will cleanly peel off the base.

Product's layers
Product's layers
  1. Functional film
  2. PVC
  3. Non woven

Product's functions

  • Fire retardant
  • Good lightfastness
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungus
  • Antistain
  • High durability
  • apply adhesive on wall
  • easy to remove strippable


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  1. Hotel Aged care facilities

    Hotel Aged care facilities

  2. Office


  3. Restaurant